Useful informations

Access to the Festival is allowed only if:

  • have a vaccination passport or as otherwise called “green pass” certifying the status of vaccination against Covid-19.
  • or the state of healing from the infection within 6 months prior to entering the Festival
  • or having done a molecular or antigenic test with a negative result for the virus in the 48 hours prior to entering the Festival.
If the current extremely positive evolution of the health situation and the gradual elimination of constraints and restrictions should change not allowing us to dance and sing without a mask and distancing constraints, the Festival will be canceled and we will return the deposit paid.

Why the vaccination pass?

  • because it is imposed by the DPCM Green Pass of 17/6/2021 for all events where gatherings are foreseen.
  • because the vaccination pass allows to create a “Covid free” bubble within the Festival area where you can move freely without the risk of being infected or contagious because either vaccinated or cured from Covid-19 or tamponed.

Where is the vaccination pass checked?

  • A check-point will be set up immediately before the parking area.

Can I swab on the spot?

  • On Friday and Saturday, in the check-point area, there will be a point where it will be possible to do the antigenic test at a cost of € 20. It will also be possible to do salivary ones (non-invasive), always at a cost of € 20. On the other days you can go directly to the nearby partner pharmacy. The price remains € 20.
  • The swab will be carried out by qualified and authorized personnel and the result will be duly recorded for transmission to the USL.

Do children have to swab?

  • Children up to 6 years (not completed) are not obliged to swab.

What do I do after checking my vaccination pass?

  • If your vaccination pass is valid, you will receive a form (pre-numbered) where the employee will report the temperature detected. It will be your responsibility to complete it with the requested data: name, surname, telephone number and sign it. You will have to deliver it to the reception where you will register for the Festival.

Can I roam freely in the parking and camping area?

  • From the moment you enter the Festival you can roam freely even if your vaccination pass has expired in the meantime.

Can I enter and leave the Festival?

  • If the expiration of your vaccination pass is after that of the Festival, and you need to enter and exit, you can go to the reception where you will be given a bracelet that will allow you not to repeat the control procedure at the check-point.
  • If, on the other hand, the deadline is before the one in which you want to return, in order to access the Festival again you will have to repeat the swab

I want to go shopping for food, where do I go?

  • Within the Festival area, in some hours of the morning and afternoon, there will be a food shop.

When can I arrive at the Festival?

  • By municipal ordinance, access to the Festival is allowed only from 06:00 on Friday 27 August.

Enroll to the Festival

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