The place

The festival area
The festival takes place in the Pianezze di Vialfré nature area on the summit of one of the hills of the Morainic Amphitheatre of Ivrea, at approx. 470m m.s.l. The Morainic Amphitheatre is one of the greatest areas of naturalistic interest in Northern Italy, as it is the most significant glacial amphitheater in Europe.
Some data about the facilities:
– 7 tent-enclosed dance floors: 1 measuring 15×25 m, 3 of 20×25 m, 1 of 25×30 m, 1 of 10×10 m and 1 of 10×10
– More than 30 gazebos for instrumental workshops, exhibitions area, children’s area, canteen area coverage, …
– Professional sound-mixing service with digital mixers
– A spacious, secure, supervised instrument storage facility
– Three blocks of restroom and shower facilities
– Two tent camping areas
– Reserved caravan and camper trailer area, with nearby camper service area
– Ample parking


Camping, Hotel e B&B
There are areas for camping, shaded, located within the Festival.
You can access the campsite to settle in with the tent or camper from 6:00 am on Friday 27
In the days before the festival the toilets and showers are not accessible, there is no surveillance service, and there is also the last step of the mosquito disinfestation.
During the festival the entire area will be manned by surveillance personnel who will check the regular and orderly access of the public.

The use of the campsite is free for members of the workshops. For those who choose to enter the festival only in the evenings, a fixed contribution of 20 euros per person is required. All the users of the camping will be given a tag that must be displayed in a visible way in the camper or on the tent.

Because of the state of maximum danger for forest fires, from this year a municipal resolution prohibits, within the natural park, to turn on any type of fire. It is also forbidden to use camping stoves or gas cartridges.

In order to assure a peaceful stay for all, it is not permitted to play instruments or to sing within the camping areas within 24 hours of the day. You are free to do it in the thousands of other ‘corners of nature’ that Vialfrè has to offer.

There are two areas where you can camp with your own tent. Cars can enter the campsite just for load and unload the luggage; for the rest of the time they have to stop in the parking lot.

There are big spaces, not far from the tents area, where it is possible to stay with campers, vans and caravans. There are no power outlets or water supply for parked vehicles. Available service area.

We advise not to leave valuables inside cars, campers, tents. The ‘Associazione Culturale GBT’ is not responsible for any damage or theft.
There is a large parking area located not far from the camping area. Parking is free. The area will not be accessible to vehicles from 01:00 am to 07:00 am.
Cyclists and motorcyclists who reach the festival will be able to park in an area that will be shown on site by the security staff.

Hotels offering reduced prices to festival partecipants

In order to obtain the reduced price, please mention “Gran Bal Trad of Vialfrè” during hotel booking procedures.


Ostello Ivrea Canoa Club – via Dora Baltea n. 1/D – 10015 Ivrea (TO)
Coordinate GPS: Lon 7 52` 34 / Lat 45 27` 48 – Tel.: +39 328 0999579 – e-mail: – web: 

Hotel Gardenia – Regione Poarello, 11 – 11090 – Romano Canavese (TO)
Coordinate GPS: Lon 7.88277 / Lat 45.41769 – Tel: +39 (0)125 631095 – Fax: +39 (0)125 632127 – e-mail: – web:

Residence La Rosa dei venti – Via San Giovanni 12 – 10010 Parella (TO)
Tel: +39 (0)12576852 – +39 351 6049097 – e-mail:

Bed & Breakfast

b&b Casa Conto – Rosi Cordera – Via Asti 14 – 10090 San Giusto Canavese (TO)
Tel. (0039) 0124 35613 – Cell. (0039) 377 1214584 – E-mail: – URL:
b&b Casa Moretto – Giovanni MORETTO – Via Cairelli 6 – 10035 Mazzè (TO)
Tel. e Fax (0039) 011 9835441 – E-mail: – URL:
b&b Il glicine – Giovanni CURTI – Via E. Morteo, 37 – 10014 Caluso (TO)
Tel. (0039) 011 9833968 – Cell. (0039) 335 5614714 – E-mail: – URL:
b&b La finestra sul lago – Serena SCHIRATTO – Via Santo Stefano, 2 – 10010 Candia Canavese (TO)
Tel. e Fax (0039) 011 9834013 – Cell. 328 4146882 – E-mail: – URL:
b&b Le antiche volte – Giorgia BOGGIO – Via XX Settembre, 10
Montalenghe (TO)
Tel. (0039) 0124 493896 (orario ufficio) Cell. (0039) 347 4530362 – E-mail: – URL:
b&b Vole – Via San Martino 16 – Castellamonte frazione S.Giovanni
Tel. 3343022403 – E-mail: – URL:
b&b La bustina di zucchero – Via Roma 36 – 10010 Parella (TO)
Tel. 0039 328 43 27 540 – e-mail: – URL:
b&b Aval – Via Morozzi 13 – 10090 Cuceglio (To)
Tel cell.(0039)333-6953040 – (0039)320-3320156 – e-mail: – URL:
b&b La gerbolina – Via Bertot 10 – 10090 San Giusto Canavese (Torino)
Tel (0039)339-6253863 – e-mail: – URL:
b&b Villa Morenica – Fraz. Santa Maria 44 – 10011 Agliè
Tel (0039)347-7945602 – e-mail: – URL:
b&b Verde Musica – Via Cavour 10 – 10013 Borgofranco d’ Ivrea (Torino)
Tel (0039)349-0835837 – e-mail: – URL:
b&b Nido di Rondine – Via Cesare Battisti 36 – Caluso (Torino)
Tel (0039)334-7505830 – (0039)011-9832513 – e-mail: – URL:
b&b Torre Cives – Via Muriaglio 18 – Vidracco (Torino)
Tel (0039)339-1926854 – (0039)0125-789701 – (0039)349-5153196 – e-mail:
b&b A casa di Irma – Via Artisti 7 – 10090 Foglizzo (Torino)
Tel (0039)393-9408629 – (0039)011-9883114 – e-mail: – URL:
b&b Poesie di Viaggio – Via della Stazione 29 – 10010 Candia Canavese (Torino)
Tel (0039)370-3252500 – e-mail: – URL:
b&b Locanda della Contea – Strada Provinciale 53 Caluso-Ozegna n.17 – 10090 Montalenghe (Torino)
Tel (0039)393-9105548 – e-mail: – URL:
Guest House affittacamere Il frutteto di Emi e Teti – Via Magnus 25 – 10010 Lessolo (Torino)
Tel (0039)328-9554488 / (0039)347-1305819 – e-mail:

Meals and beverages

Lunch and dinner within the area can be purchased with meal vouchers …

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for 10 Euro. Gluten-free menus are available on reservation.

Schedule: lunch from 12:30 to 14:30, dinner from 19:30 to 21:30.

Bar service, managed by the Pro Loco of Vialfrè at agreed prices.

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Instrument storage service

A spacious, secure, supervised instrument storage facility is available …

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free-of-charge during the hours established by the organization and indicated at the storage facility.

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Security guards will be on site at all times …

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in the workshop, concert, parking and camping areas.

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Free WiFi will be available in the bar area and near the reception.


During the day and in the evening the Red Cross will provide …

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health support with a location in the area. During the night, from 4:00 to 10:00, for any emergency the telephone number 118 must be contacted.

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For security reasons and to ensure the serenity of all participants …

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it is not allowed to introduce animals inside the festival structures.

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Charging phones

In the gazebo near the reception are available sockets and power strips …

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for recharging the battery of cameras and phones. The area is not guarded.

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Shuttle service

On Friday 27 August and Thursday 2 September there will be a free shuttle service …

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from Ivrea (FS station) to Vialfrè and vice versa.
The departure times from Ivrea scheduled for Wednesday are: 11:00, 13:00, 16:00, 19:00 and 21:00.
Fridays’s schedule will be displayed in the info points at Vialfrè.
Out-of-program trips are possible and can be requested directly from the owner of the service (Lara +39.346.4145818).

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How to reach us

Train, Plane, Car, ...
Line Torino P.N. – Chivasso – Ivrea – Aosta.
Station: Ivrea, 17 km from Vialfrè.
Train timetable:

On Tuesday and Monday will be available a free shuttle service from Ivrea to Vialfrè and vice versa.
Schedules for the day on Tuesday are: 10:00 – 11:00 – 13:00 – 16:00 – 19:00 – 21:00.
The schedules for Monday will be displayed at the info point in Vialfrè.
Out-of-program trips are possible at special prices and can be requested directly from the owner of the service (Lara +39.331.5055888).

Bus (public transport) from Ivrea to Vialfrè:

Servizio Taxi – Città di Ivrea
Piazza Stazione – 10015 Ivrea (TO)
 Tel. 0125.49113

Nearest airports: Torino Caselle, Milano Malpensa, Milano Linate, Bergamo Orio.
Take the shuttle bus to the main railway station (Milano or Torino) and take the train to Ivrea.
From the Torino-Aosta autostrada (A5), exit at Scarmagno.
Turn right and follow the indications for San Martino Canavese. At the traffic light in the center of San Martino, go left toward Vialfrè.

Cross through Vialfrè and, near the cemetery, take the right toward Pianezze.

The entire route, from the autostrada exit to the Festival area, will be marked with special signs indicating the Festival.

GPS coordinates of the Festival area: 45°22`48“ N – 7°48`72“ E

Car sharing, car pooling, ...
You can share the trip with someone else by asking on our facebook group

Walks and excursions

The area and its surroundings offer numerous possibilities for walks and excursions.

In particular, to move without the car between the area of Pianezze and Vialfrè, we recommend the Cri Cron path, which can be done on foot, or the Arbrun path, which can be done on foot or by bike.

If you want to take a pleasant walk, which leads you to see an area of the Morainic Amphitheater of Ivrea very interesting from a geological point of view, we recommend the path of ‘Massi Erratici’ (just over seven kilometers back and forth from the center of Vialfrè).

Other walks suitable for outdoor activities on the Proloco web site.
Finally, for information on the activities organized in the area of Vialfrè, visit

The Festival is housed in a naturalistic area of great beauty. Here are some recommendations to protect the fauna of this part of the moraine amphitheater.

Enroll to the Festival

Make your enrollment to the Festival, find out the fee