01 Mar 2018

News n° 3 – 28/05/2018

Photo Contest

For the 18 years of the Gran Bal Trad we thought of a photo contest.
Post a photo of yourself at the Festival on the Facebook Group!
Use the #postaevinci hashtag.
The photo that by June 12 will reach the largest number of likes and shares will win lunch and dinner for free throughout the duration of the Festival.

New security measures and fire prevention

From this year, for all events and events involving a large number of people, there has been a considerable strengthening of safety and prevention measures by public security authorities and firefighters.
Among the many, that relating to fire prevention unfortunately penalizes us a lot. From this year it is forbidden, during the course of the festival, to light fires of all kinds, including the use of camping stove fueled with gas cans.
As an organization we have had to accept this provision, otherwise the event will be canceled, but we trust that the great pleasure for dancing and beautiful music will compensate for the disappointment of this ban.
The Pianezze naturalistic area at Vialfrè where the Festival takes place is a magical and beautiful place. Help us to maintain it by respecting and enforcing the bans that the legislation prescribes.

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