Big Cogar Ceílí Band – Irlanda

Venerdì 29 Giugno - Sabato 30 Giugno

Cogar Céilí Band are Ireland’s most exciting new band.  Though they have been playing together as friends for many years, the big group formally came together in May 2017 to take part in the Galway Fleadh music competition, which they won.  The band ultimately went through to take part in the All-Ireland Final in Ennis, and accomplished the same achievement for the second year in a row, taking part in the 2018 All-Ireland Finals in Drogheda.  Cogar Céilí Band have since played throughout Ireland at various céilís, events and shows, and have built up a loyal following along the way.  This is their first trip out of Ireland together, and they are very excited to debut the big band at this year’s Gran Bal Trad festival. Please come and dance with us!

Michael Clancy: flute
Seosamh Ó Fátharta: diatonic accordion
Meghan Davoren: fiddle
James Frawley: concertina
Cormac Ó hAlmhain: accordion
Laura Clancy: fiddle
Lorcan Brady: fiddle
Paul McClure: piano, accordion
Colm McGonigle: drums
Seán Meaney: piano


Atelier di danza: Irlanda setsGiovedì / 17:30 / Palco 4
Sabato / 10:30 / Palco 3
Domenica / 10:30 / Palco 1
Atelier di danza: Irlanda stepsSabato / 15:00 / Palco 1
Domenica / 15:00 / Palco 4
Atelier musicali: Organetto (repertorio irlandese)Venerdì / 17:30 / Gazebo 2
Domenica / 15:00 / Gazebo 2
Atelier musicali: Flauto (repertorio irlandese)Venerdì / 17:30 / Gazebo 1
Domenica / 15:00 / Gazebo 1
Concerti serali: IrlandaGiovedì / 00:15 / Palco 1
Sabato / 23:00 / Palco 1
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