Milo Molteni – Irish Violinist


Born in 1975, I began my studies at the “M.E. Bossi” Music Academy in Como, first under the guidance of Maestro Maggi Vigoni and then under Maestro Lorenzo Gorli who allow me to get a diploma at the “G. Donizetti” Conservatory in Bergamo in 1999.
My first recording work was in 1998 when I participated in the album “L’albero Fiorito” with the music group La Magiostra, led by Milanese pianist and composer Mell Morcone.
The following year, I released “Tacoum i Taq” with Musicanta, which sparked my passion for Quebecois music – a passion I still cultivate today with Andrea Capezzuoli and Compagnia. In 2000, I took part in Mell Morcone’s “Riverbero” and in 2001, I produced “One More” with Inisfail, which marked the beginning of my growing interest in traditional Irish music.
In 2003, I collaborated with singer Alessia Pasini and Valdostan mandola player Giorgio Bionaz to produce “The Broken Pledge” with Kilcar Mud. In 2004, I released “The Blue Bottle,” my second album with Inisfail. While continuing to nurture my passion for traditional Irish music, I also developed an interest in traditional Argentine music and produced “Mateada” with Azuaga Trio in 2005.
Thanks to my collaboration with Mell Morcone, in 2010 I participated in the soundtrack of the film “Diari” by director Attilio Attucci, which won the Critics’ Prize at the Cannes Film Festival.

In 2013, I collaborated with the Celtic Harp Orchestra, a renowned harp orchestra from Como, in “Three letters from the Sun,” and in 2014, I produced “La Magia di un Incontro” with DualisMagic, blending traditional Lombard music with Irish tradition. In 2014, I also produced “Musici Mosaici” with Folkamiseria, a Piedmontese group that won the Youth Knighthood Award of VCO 2013 for the Music and Volunteerism section, with whom I collaborated until 2018.

Since 2006, I have been teaching the Irish Fiddle Workshop to promote the technique of Irish folk violin in Italy.


Atelier musicali: Violino (repertorio Irlanda)Mercoledi / 17:30 / Gazebo 4
Giovedi / 15:00 / Gazebo 4
Atelier musicali: Violino (repertorio Irlanda)Mercoledi / 17:30 / Gazebo 4
Giovedi / 15:00 / Gazebo 4