Tre Martelli – Traditional songs and dance tunes from Piedmont


Since 1977 the band Tre Martelli has been developing its work on the study, recovery and popularization of the traditional musical culture of the province of Piemonte, Northern Italy.
The quality and accuracy of its field work, and the attention given to stylistic variations in the area, together with energy and creative maturity of the band’s performances, have engendered enthusiastic audience response and critical acclaim, both at home and abroad.
This has resulted in a huge increase in concerts and tours in most parts of Europe.
The band’s recorded output has been unanimously acclaimed by specialist international critics writing in the world’s foremost music publications.

Renzo Ceroni: Little double bass, guitar, voice
Enzo G. Conti:Melodeons
Paolo Dall’Ara: Bagpipes, recorders, flutes, percussions
Matteo Dorigo:Hurdy-gurdy
Vincenzo “Chacho” Marchelli: vocals
Andrea Sibilio: Fiddle, viola, mandolin, voice
Francesco Giusta
Elisabetta Gagliardi
Simona Colonna


E inoltre: Concerto musica piemonteseSabato / 20:30 / Palco 3
E inoltre: Concerto musica piemonteseSabato / 20:30 / Palco 3