SU DILLU - 2019

Saturday afternoon big dance

Musicians and dancers are invited on Saturday afternoon to the lawn in front of the bar to play and dance all together the Sardinian dance “Su Dillu”.
Coordinators of the event will be Carlo Boeddu and the Ballad Ballate Bois.

Original Goceano dance composed of a single movement consisting of two skips on the right foot and two on the left foot.
Of secular derivation, it appears to have been carried out in ancient times as a form of exorcism for the victims of the sting of the malmignatta (s’argia or arza), a poisonous spider, to ward off the danger of death.
This hypothesis would be supported not only by the fact that it derives from ballu ‘e s’arza (the dance of the malmignatta), performed at the pace of dillu, but also from the name of the dance itself.
The word dillu would in fact be a contraction of “dilliriu” which means delirium; moreover, the words that often accompany the dance “dilliri, dilliri, Dilliriana” recall the same word “dillirium” in assonance.

A second hypothesis instead traces the name of the dance from “dillisu” (“mockery, ridicule”) and claims that in ancient times the dance was performed after a cattle raid (“bardana”) as a celebration for having succeeded in mocking the owners of the herd.

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