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What is the Gran Bal Trad

Gran Bal Trad is a festival dedicated to traditional dance and music, born from the desire to put in contact different forms of dance and musical expression. It offers participants a varied collage of examples

from the various cultures of Europe, including a broad cross-section of our own Italian traditions.
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Friday 27 August – Wednesday 1 September 2021

Time left to the festival

131Days 11Hours 33Minutes 44Seconds

Contributions of artists missed Edition 2020

This year we were unable to meet to play and dance together in the magical Vialfrè wood. But in order not to let this particular vintage pass without leaving a mark, we have produced a Gallery of Videos produced by many of the artists who have made our beloved Festival great and beautiful in these 19 years.

The Festival has ended, it was a magnificent edition!

Thanks to all the dancers, musicians and volunteers.

See you next year!

The artists

of the edition 2019

Artists and activities

Edition 2019

Click on the tabs to discover the artists and activities of 2019.

Auvergne - Didier Decombat & Quaus de Lanlà
Balkans - Roberto Bagnoli & BalkanLab
Basque Country - Jokin Irungaray & Bilaka
Berry - Emeline Rivière & Duo Hervé
Britain - Jérémy Chateaugiron e Justine Arze & Landat-Moisson Quintet
Catalonia - Ballaveu
Central Italy: Saltarelli and central Marches danses - Marco Meo & Lu Trainanà
Dances for children - Mariarosa Montebianco e Associazione Carolando
English country dances - Flora Sarzotti, Mario Proietto e John O`Leary & Nous Mêmes
Gascony - Daniel Detammaecker & Nhac!
Greece - Christos Tsompanidis & Hellason
Irish set dancing - Pat Murphy & Big Cogar Ceílí Band
Irish step dancing - Nada Ní Chuirrín & Big Cogar Ceílí Band
Israel - Roberto Bagnoli & BalkanLab
Latvia - Inga Holsta & Dandari
Northern Italy: Emilia - I suonatori della Valle del Savena
Northern Italy: Four Provinces - Rosy Traverso & Statale 45
Northern Italy: High Val Varaita - Marisa Dogliotti e Silvio Peron
Northern Italy: Vermenagna valley - Slide step - Marisa Dogliotti e Silvio Peron
Poitou - Christian Pacher & Ciac Boum
Quebec - Nicola Brighenti & Andrea Capezzuoli e Compagnia
Sardinia - Carlo Boeddu & Ballade Ballade Bois
South Italy: Pizzica Pizzica of Salento - Veronica Calati & Terra Battuta
South Italy: Sicily - Simona Ferrigno & Le Matrioske
South Italy: Tammuriata of Agro Nocerino Sarnese - Ugo Maiorano e Tammorra Felix
South Italy: Tarantella of Crotone Marquisate - Davide Ancora e Marisa Angotti & Dipende di Te e Fratelli Bressi
Sweden - Mikael e David Eriksson & The Young Klintetten
Tango and Chacarera - Marcela Guevara y Stefano Giudice & Che Tango trio
Tango and Milonga - Marcela Guevara y Stefano Giudice & Che Tango trio
Traditional danses and disability - Mariarosa Montebianco e Gli Scoordinati

Bhangra Apna Sangeet (Punjad-India) - Associazione Baldanza
Bossanova Bizzarre (Louisiana-USA) - Associazione Baldanza
Dancing together: a possible alchemy - Deborah Isocrono
Dancing waltz together: a possible alchemy - Deborah Isocrono
Postie`s Jig ( Scotland) - Associazione Baldanza
Alzamantes (Bal folk)
Andrea Capezzuoli e Compagnia (Quebec - Bal folk)
BalkanLab (Balkans and Israel)
Ballade Ballade Bois (Sardinia)
Ballaveu (Catalonia)
Banda Brisca (Bal Folk)
Big Cogar Ceílí Band (Ireland)
Bilaka (Basque Country)
Che Tango trio (Tango)
Chemin de Baìa (Bal Folk)
Ciac Boum (Poitou)
Dandari (Latvia)
Dipende di Te e Fratelli Bressi (South Italy: Calabria)
Duo Evain Le Tron (Bal Folk)
Duo Hervé (Berry - Bal Folk)
Duo Peron Ferrero (Northern Italy: Occitan valleys)
D`AltroCanto Duo (Singing dance)
Hellason (Greece)
I suonatori della Valle del Savena (Northern Italy: Emilia)
Landat-Moisson Quintet (Britain)
Le Fou Rire (Bal Folk)
Le Matrioske (South Italy: Sicily)
Lu Trainanà (Central Italy: Marches)
Naragonia (Bal Folk)
Nhac! (Gascony)
Nous Mêmes (Bal Folk)
Nous Mêmes (English country dances)
Quaus de Lanlà (Auvergne - Singing dance)
Quinta Rua (Bal Folk)
Soleluna (Bal Folk)
Statale 45 (Northern Italy: Four Provinces)
Terra Battuta (South Italy: Salento)
The Young Klintetten (Sweden)
Tre violini e un maggiordomo (Northern Italy: Occitan valleys)
Ugo Maiorano e Tammorra Felix (South Italy: Agro Nocerino Sarnese)
Bagpipe (Center France repertoire) - Rémy Villeneuve (Duo Hervé)
Bandoneon - Davide Pecetto (Che Tango trio)
Calabrian lira - Dipende di Te
Celtic harp - Katia Zunino
Childreen musical project - Le Fou Rire
Diatonic Accordion (advanced) - Andrea Capezzuoli (Andrea Capezzuoli e Compagnia)
Diatonic Accordion (beginners) - Andrea Beltrando (Nous Mêmes)
Diatonic Accordion (beginners) - Marco Volpatto
Diatonic Accordion (beginners) - Mathieu Aymonod (Chemin de Baìa)
Diatonic Accordion (Britain repertoire) - Thomas Moisson (Landat-Moisson Quintet)
Diatonic Accordion (Calabrian repertoire) - Dipende di Te
Diatonic Accordion (French repertoire) - Bruno Le Tron (Duo Evain Le Tron)
Diatonic Accordion (Irish repertoire) - Seosamh Ó Fátharta@ (Big Cogar Ceílí Band)
Diatonic Accordion (occitan repertoire) - Silvio Peron (Duo Peron Ferrero)
Diatonic Accordion (Sardinia repertoire) - Carlo Boeddu (Ballade Ballade Bois)
Didjeridoo - Luca Mantello
Ensemble music - Massimo Enrico
Flute (Ireland repertoire) - Michael Clancy e Colm McGonigle (Big Cogar Ceílí Band)
Frame drum (Campania repertoire) - Ugo Maiorano (Ugo Maiorano e Tammorra Felix)
Friscalettu (Cane whistle - Sicily repertoire) - Angelo Salvatore Daddelli (Le Matrioske)
Guitar (advanced) - Maurizio Verna
Guitar (beginners) - Massimo Enrico
Hurdy-Gurdy (advanced) - Francesco Busso (Chemin de Baìa)
Hurdy-Gurdy (beginners) - Gabriele Gunella (Quinta Rua)
Marranzanu (Jew`s harp - Sicily repertoire) - Angelo Salvatore Daddelli (Le Matrioske)
Tambourine (Salento repertoire) - Biagio Mele (Terra Battuta)
Tambourine and `gnaccheara` (Marches repertoire) - Marco Meo (Lu Trainanà)
Violin (advanced) - Gabriele Ferrero (Chemin de Baìa)
Violin (intermediate) - Rémy Boniface (Chemin de Baìa)
Improvised stornelli and `a stesa` songs (Marche repertoire) - Marco Meo & Lu Trainanà
Popular tradition songs to listen and danse - D`AltroCanto Duo
Singing (Auvergne repertoire) - Quaus de Lanlà
Singing (Sardinia repertoire) - Ballade Ballade Bois
Singing for the dance (Italy repertoire) - Jacopo e Maddalena Soler

Songs around the table
Songs around the table: Emilia repertoire - Davide Dobrilla & I suonatori della Valle del Savena
Songs around the table: Marche repertoire - Marco Meo & Lu Trainanà
Songs around the table: Piedmont repertoire - Chacho Marchelli
Maurizio Verna (`FOLKITARRANDO. A short journey on the popular guitar planet`)
Silvio Peron (`What is the Occitan music?`)

And ...
`Su Dillu` square to dance and play all together
Final recital for children`s musical project - Le Fou Rire
`traditional music and diversity` project - Lucio Caracciolo e Chiara Gorzegno & Suoni dal mondo e Baldanza
Ensemble music recital - Massimo Enrico
Screening of the documentary movie `Di pari passo` - Silvia Pesce

Registration will open in June 2021


Some shots of the festival


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