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26 Jul 2021

News n° 5 – 26/07/2021


Hello everybody,

it is with great regret that we have to announce the cancellation of the Festival.

The recent government provisions, contrary to realistic initial expectations, do not allow events such as ours to take place, even though we adopt the green pass and adapt to all the provisions of the “Covid-19 Discotheque health protocol” of 28 May 2021.
As announced at the opening of registrations, we will proceed with the refund of the deposit paid. For this purpose, we have prepared a form that you will need to fill in and send to us and which you can find on our website.

However, we must not hide that the failure of the Festival for two consecutive years, with most of the organizational activities fully carried out, places us in an extremely critical financial position. To overcome it and allow us to organize the next edition with the usual quality standard, we ask those who have pleasure and possibility for help in supporting us by renouncing the refund of the deposit paid.
Those who have not registered but still want to contribute with a donation can do so via the “donate” button activated on the site.

We thank everyone and look forward to seeing you next year which, with your help, we are sure it will be the most beautiful edition ever.

Refund request

Download the «Refund Form» and send it by 27/08/2021. If, on the other hand, you want to renounce the deposit paid, you don’t have to do anything. It will be of great help for the Festival.



If you want to support the Festival in this critical moment you can do it with a donation. Even a small amount is a great help.


19 Jul 2021

News n° 4 – 16/07/2021


Discover the artists who will be present in this edition that celebrates the twentieth anniversary and consult the program day by day!

We are waiting for you from Friday 27 August to Wednesday 1 September in the magical wood of Vialfrè.

Registration open

Registrations for the twentieth edition of the GBT will be open until Saturday 31 July 2021. It will be great to see us all again after a long time and get back to dancing together!


The wood of luthiers

This year a large part of the naturalistic area of ​​Vialfré will be destined to host the fascinating world of violin making.


05 Jul 2021

News n° 3 – 28/06/2021


From Monday 28/06 until Saturday 31/07 registrations will be open for the twentieth edition of the Gran Bal Trad!
It will be great to see you all again after a long time and dancing together!

We are waiting for you from Friday 27 August to Wednesday 1 September in the magical wood of Vialfrè.


Line Up 2021

For the special twentieth anniversary edition, surprises, news and pleasant returns.


Vialfrè “Covid free”

As you know, access to the Festival is allowed only if you have a vaccination passport, also known as a “green pass”.


25 May 2021

News n° 2 – 24/05/2021

Soon open registration for the next edition!

We are pleased to confirm that in June we will open registrations for the twentieth edition of the Gran Bal Trad!
It will be a special edition because in addition to celebrating our twentieth anniversary, we will also celebrate, above all, the return to the pleasure of dance that has been forbidden to us for so long.

We are waiting for you from Friday 27 August to Wednesday 1 September in the magical wood of Vialfrè.


Vialfrè “Covid free”

As you may have heard or read, events of this type in order to take place must guarantee conditions of absolute safety, achievable by creating a sort of “covid free” bubble within every one can move freely without constraints or various restrictions. The entrance to the Festival will therefore be allowed with the so-called “green pass” or “vaccination passport”, which shows that you have been vaccinated, or cured of Covid 19, or have tested negative for a molecular or unsanitary swab carried out in previous 48 hours.


Artists Line-up 2021

Simultaneously with the opening of the registrations, we will publish the line-up of the artists which this year will be full and first-rate; it is still the twentieth anniversary!


25 May 2021

News n° 2 – 23/12/2020

A contribution by Chacho Marchelli for the Gran Bal Trad

The organizers of the Gran Bal Trad hope that this message will find everyone in good health and serenity despite the persistence of the pandemic and its consequences.

Forced to cancel the 2020 edition, we hope to be able to meet again in Vialfrè in 2021 already from Monday 28 June to Saturday 3 July, and that our fabulous Festival can be the first great opportunity to return to being together in newfound serenity and joy and to enjoy, even more than usual, the magical atmosphere of the Vialfrè woods.

However, we must evaluate the possibility that the health emergency may still be prolonged and that it is necessary to plan to move the event towards the end of the summer, that is, from Monday 30 August to Saturday 4 September 2021. On that date we trust that the vaccination campaign has given its effects and that it is therefore allowed to enjoy the Festival without restrictions, masks, or numerical limits to participation.

By mid-March we will certainly be able to decide whether to confirm the June date (June 28 – July 3) or whether to postpone to the first week of September (August 30 – September 4).

We are sure that you understand the difficult situation that does not allow us to establish a certain date now.

In the meantime we thank you and wish you happy holidays!


25 May 2021

News n° 1 – 23/10/2020

“Ma qui rimango” – Bernardo Beisso

A new section opens on the Gran Bal Trad website in which we have collected videos of dances, songs, songs and greetings that the artists who participated in the Festival in the past years have sent us, or made available, as their contribution to the missed 2020 edition.

Many contributions have already arrived, but others have been promised to us and, as they arrive, before going to enrich the video gallery, they will be the subject of a post on our facebook page.

This video by Bernardo Beisso dates back to the time of the lockdown and we send it to you with the hope of not having to find ourselves in that situation again!
Instead, we hope that these music and dances will accompany and warm us throughout the winter, waiting for the next beautiful one, overwhelming Great Bal Trad!


24 May 2021

News n° 1 – 21/01/2021

Here are the dates for 2021!

The twentieth edition of the Gran Bal Trad will be held in Vialfrè from Friday 27 August 2021 (with evening opening) to Wednesday 1 September!

This year, therefore, we will not open the summer season but we will close it, to the rhythm of dance, in the hope that for that time the vaccination campaign has given its effects and that it is therefore possible to enjoy the Festival without restrictions or numerical limits to participation.

We hope to see each other to play and dance together!


27 Aug 2019

News n° 7 – 27/08/2019

Here are the dates of the next edition!

The GBT 2020 will be held from 29 June to 4 July.
For the twenty-year edition we will close on Saturday with a great celebratory evening.
We start on Monday evening and dance until Saturday!


Photo edition 2019

We started uploading some photos on the site, take a look!


The GBT seen from above

Here is the Saturday afternoon dance filmed by drones!


07 Jun 2019

News n° 6 – 07/06/2019

This year more than 250 artists are waiting for you at the Festival!

Have you already signed up?
We remind you that you can register online saving up to 30% until midnight on Monday the 10th of June.


“New camper service area”

From this year a dedicated service area for campers will be set up.


Go Green! Share your car

On the facebook group “Gran Bal Trad di Vialfrè” many people agree to combine for car sharing. Join the group to receive updates.


03 Jun 2019

News n° 5 – 03/06/2019

One week at the end of online registration!

Only one week left to take advantage of discounts up to 30%! After this deadline, it will always be possible to register directly in Vialfrè, but without being able to take advantage of the discounts…


“Su dillu”

You are all invited on Saturday 29th June to dance together the Sardinian dance “Su Dillu”.



In the woods there are mosquitoes, but this year we have taken serious measures.