News n° 6 – 17/06/2024

News n° 6 – 17/06/2024

New refreshment area!

As already mentioned, this year no more canteen but a new Dining Area! Many of you asked us for a change, and here we are with a new offer of food cooked fresh on the premises. 
You will be able to freely compose your own menu, paying only for what you take, choosing between first course, main course, side dish, fruit and dessert.  For a small increase there will thus be the possibility of managing the composition of one’s own meal and a marked improvement in quality.

Water will be free at the tap!

There will no longer be meal vouchers, but you will be able to pay with coupons valid for the bar, goffri and everything else.

Cafeteria and delicacies

The cafeteria will be open 24 hours a day with an expanded offer: a rich selection of ice creams, coffee cream, slushies. And as per tradition, the proloco will preparesandwiches, the unfailing, fantastic gofri cooked on the spot, and from this year also chips and apple fritters!  A new delicious craft beer, the excellent erbaluce di Caluso (also on offer this year) and other local wines from Tenuta Roletto!

Shuttle service

The shuttle service from the Ivrea railway station forecourt (near the taxi rank) to Vialfrè (and back) is free on Mondays and Sundays. On the other days it is at a reduced price upon reservation (call Edoardo: 3920978968). In addition, for the entire duration of the Festival, from 9:30 to 12:30 and from 19:00 to 3:30, a convenient shuttle service is offered free of charge from the car park at the entrance to the village to the Festival area and back. Let’s use the car less, let’s protect the environment!

News n° 4 – 29/05/2024

News n° 4 – 29/05/2024

A sea of novelties this year!

We always try to treasure the tips you leave us in the ‘help us improve’ box at the end of the festival!!!
It’s not always possible to follow them all, but this year we really went all out! 🙂
Here are a few new features that will allow us to better experience the Festival:


24-hour bar service!
Water from the tap is back!
– Chips, apple fritters and other novelties!


– No more canteen but a completely reorganised refreshment area with on-site cooking and always fresh food.
– Gofri and sandwich prices unchanged!


– Doubling of camper van services!
Soap dispensers on washbasins!


– A Monday already packed with activities, opening at 11 a.m.
– All while keeping the Festival participation fees unchanged

News n° 3 – 22/05/2024

News n° 3 – 22/05/2024

Here is the 2024 detail programme!

Check out the day-by-day programme downloadable from the website and find out when the artists will be on stage!
We look forward to seeing you from Monday 8 to Saturday 13 July in the magical forest of Vialfrè!

And not just music!

But also culture! In fact, we have a rich programme of lectures this year, because the love for traditional folk music and dances also passes through the study and research of the historical contexts in which they developed and evolved.

And lots of things for the little ones!

In addition to being able to participate in the festival for free, the youngest (up to 15 years old) will find activities for them at the Gran Bal Trad: entertainment for the little ones and musical entertainment for the older ones!

News n° 2 – 06/05/2024

News n° 2 – 06/05/2024

Here are the 2024 Artists!

We have posted the Artists 2024 page on the website!
We have been working hard to bring truly outstanding artistic offerings to Vialfrè!
Take a look: for each group you’ll find a description, a few photos, and various links to learn more. 
And there’s quite a bit of news, too!

The Grand Bal Trad is a festival to be experienced!

There is certainly no shortage of music, but there is also more! There is contact with nature, the magical atmosphere of the Vialfrè forest and the cheerfulness that has always characterized our extraordinary festival
Stay with us all week long! The Grand Bal Trad is a great vacation!

Open enrollment!

As a reminder, if you join the Association by 24/6 (online or through the associations) you can get a discount, up to about 25% off the festival fee!
Warning. We reserve the right to suspend online registration once we reach the number we believe is optimal to ensure everyone’s peaceful enjoyment of the Festival, so… hurry up!

News n° 1 – 20/02/2024

News n° 1 – 20/02/2024

Registration is now open!!!

Festival Participation fees are differentiated depending on whether you register with the Gran Bal Trad Association in advance (online or through the Associations) or directly at Vialfré.

As always if you register in advance with the Association (by 24/06), paying 20€ now, you will be able to take advantage of a discount, up to about 25%on the Festival Participation fee that you will pay directly at Vialfré.

Warning! We reserve the right to suspend online registration once we reach the number we deem optimal to ensure everyone’s optimal enjoyment of the Festival.
It will still be possible to participate in the Festival by registering directly in Vialfré, paying the full fee.

A Monday that surprises you!

If you arrive on Monday you will find great surprises: entrance to the Festival from 11:00 am instead of 2:30 pm. Possibility of access to the Refreshment Area already at lunch. Start with activities already in the afternoon: a concert, a dance pill, singing around the table, ensemble music workshop. Participation fee including evening concerts 15€.

The new Refreshment Area!

Starting this year, no more cafeteria at GBT, but a renovated Dining Area with on-site cooking and always fresh food! We have come up with a new, more fun and mouth-watering way of serving meals. The area will be set up in islands (the island of first courses, second courses, desserts etc…) and you can take every course or just what you want, paying only what you take!

News n° 11 – 15/09/2023

News n° 11 – 15/09/2023

The 2024 edition of Gran Bal Trad will take place in Vialfrè, from Monday July 8 to Saturday July 13!

The magical wood of Vialfrè is a precious environment which gives strength and inspiration to our Festival and makes it unique and very nice.
It is an ecosystem, as rich as it is delicate, which, along with us dancers and musicians, also hosts a lot of flora and fauna that must be preserved.
The organization of the Festival is attentive to these aspects (as you all are, we know) for which together with the Metropolitan City of Turin and the Municipality of Vialfrè we try, year after year, to make the experience of the Festival better and less impact on the territory.

The new date

The gradual shift of the date of the Festival, from the last of June to the first of July, and now to the second week of July, is part of a virtuous journey, undertaken in collaboration with the Metropolitan City of Turin, to maintain the Festival as far removed as possible from the birth period of bats and other species. Indeed, for some time now, monitoring of the flora and fauna and a cataloging of trees suitable for accommodating the nests of wood dwellers have been underway. This data is useful for understanding how and when to coexist with all species, without harming anyone.

Other measures

As you may have noticed this year, the total brightness of the Festival has decreased and will continue to decrease. Fewer lights and warmer lights: the inhabitants of the woods like that and, basically, it all creates a very nice atmosphere!
Next year, the shuttle service will also be intensified which will take you directly from the center of Vialfrè to the Festival area, which many of you have had the opportunity to appreciate.
Finally, a maximum limit of participants will also be set for next year, reached at which online registrations will be closed.
And there will also be other new features!
From the reorganization of the canteen, to the desire to become 100% plastic free! Follow our social networks to stay informed!

News n° 10 – 26/06/2023

News n° 10 – 26/06/2023

The Festival starts next Monday!

Are you ready? We are almost there! 🙂
We are waiting for you in the magical forest of Vialfrè, under the cool branches, where we have found some coolness in these hot days.

You haven't signed up yet?

No problem, you can do this directly in Vialfrè.
We are waiting for you at the entrance in the reception area.

Come dance with us!

This year a packed programme with many new features!

News n° 9 – 16/06/2023

News n° 9 – 16/06/2023

Last weekend for online registrations!

Here’s what you can do this sunny weekend: register for the Gran Bal Trad!
Sunday is in fact the last day to register online with the Association and take advantage of the discounts.
Come and dance with us in Vialfrè!

Saturday afternoon big dance

You are all invited to the Saturday afternoon square dance!
Once again this year, as is tradition: Lo Sbrando!
Check out the score on the website, kindly provided by Enzo Conti.
It is the first original transcription of the song!

News n° 8 – 13/06/2023

News n° 8 – 13/06/2023

An amazing programme!

As you may have noticed, this year at the Gran Bal Trad there are many new entries! For the first time at the Festival: Duo Artense, Duo Vargoz, Rèmy Geffroy, Nòu, Toppette!!, Tre Martelli, Tirami su, Telefon duo, Orchestrina Trama, Man Encantada, Tribot, Titoun Gouttier in duo with Clement Le Goff!

And then great returns: Controcanto, Le Matrioske, Ballati Tutti Quanti, Arbadetorn, Gerard Godon, Bilaka, along with many other artists, always of the highest calibre!

Discover them all on our website. All schedules are now also online!

Singing Around the Table

Once again this year, the Sing Around the Table could not be missing! As is now tradition, for the Piedmontese repertoire, Chacho Marchelli will be there! In addition, Orquestrina Trama, with her songs, will accompany you on a journey through their land. Together with the voices of Núria, Liv and Ivan Caro, you will breathe in the atmosphere of the Catalan Pyrenees!

You can find all the lyrics on the website!

Last week to register online!

We would like to remind everyone that online registration for the Association will close on Sunday 18 June. Hurry up to take advantage of the discounts on participation fees!