What is the Gran Bal Trad

The Festival

Gran Bal Trad is a festival dedicated to traditional dance and music, born out of a desire to bring together different ways of expressing dance and music. It aims to offer participants a varied picture of some examples of the various cultures present in Europe, not forgetting to propose a cross-section of tradition typical of our Italy.

The festival, with the help and constant support of the Municipality and the Proloco (Board of Tourism) of Vialfré, is organized and managed by the GBT Cultural Association, in collaboration with five other cultural associations. The members of these groups, united by their passion for music and dance, lend their time and effort on a voluntary basis to make Gran Bal Trad a reality.

Each day of Gran Bal Trad offers a variety of dance and instrumental workshops from which to choose, both in the morning and in the afternoon. On-site restaurant and bar service is offered.

And evenings feature dancing until dawn to live music on 4 big separate dance floors.

More than 250 teachers and artists from all over Europe are present and conduct daily workshops and conferences in dance and instrumental music, as well as evening concerts and dances.

The logistical organization is guaranteed by more than 150 volunteers who are always friendly and available to ensure all services, from reception to the canteen, to cleaning, security, access control and parking management.

Gran Bal Trad is six days of full immersion in traditional dance and music, in which thousands of people will be spectators and participants at the same time.

The 2024 edition of the Gran Bal Trad will be held from Monday 8 July to Saturday 13 July.

Meals and Beverages

Lunch and dinner: inside the completely reorganized refreshment area, it will be possible to take every course or just what you want and you only pay for what you take. Hours: Lunch from 12:30 to 14:30, dinner from 19:30 to 21:30. Menus for celiacs available. Bar service at discounted prices.

Instrument Storage Service

A spacious, secure, supervised instrument storage facility is available free-of-charge during the hours established by the organization and indicated at the storage facility.


Security guards will be on site at all times in the workshop, concert, parking and camping areas.


During the day and in the evening the Red Cross will provide health support with a location in the area. During the night, from 03:00 to 10:00 in the morning, the telephone number 118 must be contacted.


For security reasons and to ensure the serenity of all participants it is not allowed to introduce animals inside the festival structures.

Charging Phones

In the gazebo near the reception are available sockets and power strips for recharging the battery of cameras and phones. The area is not guarded.

Shuttle Service

A free shuttle service is offered, from Ivrea station to Vialfrè and back on the opening and closing days of the Festival. For the entire duration, a shuttle service is also offered, again free of charge, from the entrance to the town to the Festival area.

About us

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To those who have worked on arms and legs, but with head and heart
Who took his time to make others’ time enjoyable
To those who taught while having fun
To those who enjoyed learning
Who will remember all the steps
Who will remember a face, a look, a smile
To those who played has made the interminable nights

To whom dancing has created the real party
To whom it has been a few hours and who has remained for every day
To those who came from far away to be near us
To the climate that has helped us
Mosquitoes who have decided almost all to go elsewhere
To everyone, just everyone, thank you!

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