News n° 11 – 15/09/2023

The 2024 edition of Gran Bal Trad will take place in Vialfrè, from Monday July 8 to Saturday July 13!

The magical wood of Vialfrè is a precious environment which gives strength and inspiration to our Festival and makes it unique and very nice.
It is an ecosystem, as rich as it is delicate, which, along with us dancers and musicians, also hosts a lot of flora and fauna that must be preserved.
The organization of the Festival is attentive to these aspects (as you all are, we know) for which together with the Metropolitan City of Turin and the Municipality of Vialfrè we try, year after year, to make the experience of the Festival better and less impact on the territory.

The new date

The gradual shift of the date of the Festival, from the last of June to the first of July, and now to the second week of July, is part of a virtuous journey, undertaken in collaboration with the Metropolitan City of Turin, to maintain the Festival as far removed as possible from the birth period of bats and other species. Indeed, for some time now, monitoring of the flora and fauna and a cataloging of trees suitable for accommodating the nests of wood dwellers have been underway. This data is useful for understanding how and when to coexist with all species, without harming anyone.

Other measures

As you may have noticed this year, the total brightness of the Festival has decreased and will continue to decrease. Fewer lights and warmer lights: the inhabitants of the woods like that and, basically, it all creates a very nice atmosphere!
Next year, the shuttle service will also be intensified which will take you directly from the center of Vialfrè to the Festival area, which many of you have had the opportunity to appreciate.
Finally, a maximum limit of participants will also be set for next year, reached at which online registrations will be closed.
And there will also be other new features!
From the reorganization of the canteen, to the desire to become 100% plastic free! Follow our social networks to stay informed!