Mathieu Aymonod – Diatonic accordion


Mathieu Aymonod discovered traditional music during his childhood, when fascinated by a turntable he began listening to the first vinyl record of the historic Piedmontese group La Ciapa Rusa.
The image of a piffero (a type of Italian double-reed instrument) on the album cover, along with a picture of the player Lorenzo Bojoli and the recorded melodies, quickly made him fall in love with the instrument.

He then attended concerts of traditional music in his region with his parents and met the historic Aosta Valley group Trouveur Valdotèn. He started studying the “piffero delle quattro province” in 2001, and furthered his knowledge through his encounter with Stefano Valla.
Family friend and musician Ernesto Impérial shared important knowledge of Aosta Valley traditional melodies with him, and he started playing at festivals and veillées (evening gatherings) in the Aosta Valley.

In the winter of 2003, he participated in Trouveur Valdotèn’s Christmas concerts and has since occasionally collaborated with the group in Italy, France, and Switzerland.
This allowed him to get in touch with the most important folk groups in northern Italy and Savoy, which allowed him to expand his repertoire and become part of the “Grand Orchestre des Alpes,” a project that brings together about sixty musicians from the Alpine arc.

In 2004, he discovered the power of the diatonic accordion and soon devoted himself to this instrument. He attended workshops with Alessandro Boniface, Andrea Capezzuoli, Silvio Peron, Vincenzo Caglioti, Frédéric Paris, and, thanks to his friendship with Vincent and Rémy Boniface, became acquainted with the young reality of folk music. He then attended workshops with Filippo Gambetta, Simone Bottasso, Stephane Milleret, and Norbert Pignol, which allowed him to experiment with a new dimension of this instrument.


Atelier musicali: Organetto (livello principianti)Venerdi / 15:00 / Gazebo 1
Sabato / 15:00 / Gazebo 4
Atelier musicali: Organetto (livello principianti)Venerdi / 15:00 / Gazebo 1
Sabato / 15:00 / Gazebo 4