News n° 6 – 01/06/2023

The wood of luthiers!

A large part of the Vialfré nature area will be set aside to host the fascinating world of violin making. Bagpipes, accordions, violins, hurdy-gurdies, fifes, flutes, mandolins, guitars… will be exhibited by master lute-makers from the main Italian schools.


Daniele Bicego will be present at this year’s Festival with the project ‘PipeLink – a journey through bagged instruments in Europe’. An exhibition and a conference to explore the evolution of an instrument that is as simple as it is fascinating.

Tre Martelli

For the first time at the Gran Bal Trad the Tre Martelli! A historic group committed to the study, documentation and dissemination of Piedmontese popular culture. The accuracy of the research, the attention paid to the study of the various popular styles and the maturity of the repropositional and creative phase have generated international esteem around the group. Come and hear them in Vialfrè.